iPhone 12 – A New High End Camera


Apple just launched the all new iPhone 12, which is loaded with great features and capabilities. As always, Apple has not left anything unsaid. In the place of the customary home button, they have placed the Face Recognition feature, so that it can recognize you as you wave your hand over the phone. The Home button is no more and with this new addition, you can simply touch the iPhone’s home button twice to bring up your home screen. The iPhone 12 comes with two different external speakers, one for the left ear headphone jack and another one for the right ear headphone jack, which makes it all the more exciting. iphone 12

iPhone 12 has two main dual camera arrangements, the regular lens and the eye-sensibility camera, which can switch automatically between the two cameras by using the squeeze method while you are holding the iPhone in your hand. Apart from that, there is also a Portrait mode, which allows you to take a picture of yourself or your friends while taking several other photos. It will record the number of shots taken, so that you can count them later. The iPhone 12 pro comes with two memory slots, which are expandable up to a storage of twelve and have expandable gigabytes of memory. The iPhone 12 pro also features a large amount of storage space and has been equipped with four-lane MOS FET Power cable, which is required to charge the iPhone as per normal.

iPhone 12 pro is equipped with the same MMS and HID images as the iPhone 11s and features an improved proximity sensor. In order to enhance the efficiency of the battery, the iPhone 12 lineup comes with a charging cable that has faster charge time and this is possible due to the power saving technologies incorporated in the iPhone 12 Pro. The iPhone 12 pro is capable of operating in the sleep mode and it displays the date, time and the weather. As compared to the iPhone 11s, the iPhone 12 packs in more powerful camera module that is able to capture high resolution and clear images.

Another feature of the iPhone 12 pro features the new image stabilization technology that enables the user to take photos even if there areshake in the camera. This is done by utilizing the optical image stabilization system that has been incorporated in the iPhone 12 pro. The iPhone 12 also offers support for the High Definition video recording and therefore is equipped with the High Definition video camera, which is capable of recording videos at various resolutions and types. It also offers two-way voice-recognition, which means that it is capable of recognizing voice commands.

Aesthetics are not everything when it comes to an electronic device. The iPhone 12 comes with a larger display compared to the iPhone 11s. This allows for more vivid colors and clearer images. The screen of the iPhone 12 pro also has an enhanced resistance to damages.

The iPhone 12 Pro has an all-metal housing, which is capable of resisting scratches and has a textured back. The camera also has an auto focus as well as a manual focus as compared to the iPhone 11s, which has a digital auto focus. The iPhone 12 comes with OCS water resistant feature, which makes it useful for people who use the device in water-filled or wet locations. It also comes with an external speaker, which has been incorporated in the camera as compared to the external speaker of the iPhone 11s.